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While providing top quality results and being super professional when duty calls, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We’re not in this to grab the limelight, we’re here to make you look good and bring aerial imagery practices to the forefront of every sector you could think of. (And have fun along the way)

From maritime surveillance to promotional property work, we cover all bases of aerial work. To allow us to do so, whilst being the industry leaders, we require the latest and most cutting edge equipment. This includes cables, masts and cinematic quality industry leading UAV. Feel free to contact us for more information on our equipment!

All our drone pilots are fully CAA Licensed and qualified to assure you that your project will be completed in a professional and safe manner.

Check out our video below giving you a glimpse at the more glossy aspect of our work. (Its not all fish & chips on the beach at sunset we can assure you!)



Promotional Video

Our sister company Panoptic Motion enables us to integrate our truly unique aerial content into high quality promotional videos through the use of our Drones, Cable cameras and Mast systems. We don’t need to tell you how awesome aerial shots are! This partnership enables us to produce unrivalled video content, allowing you to elevate your ideas & projects to the next level.


Aerial Stills

We utilise many systems to get that perfect shot. We are often called upon to deliver high quality Elevated stills from both UAV systems and our portable and vehicle mounted mast systems. The mast systems enable us to work in busy urban environments meaning we have  never turned work away because we haven’t got the kit.

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Aerial Survey

Using a multitude of sensory equipment and software we can offer revolutionary, accurate, safe and cost effective data capture for building and land surveys. We specialise in Coastal & Waterway management but can offer Aerial Mapping, Volumetric surveys, Industrial Inspections, Mapping & Thermal surveys in a range of sectors.


Maritime Locations

With our specialist Offshore RIB we can reach places others can’t, using it as a launch platform for our drones to capture the shots that would otherwise be impossible. Our film boat can help to cover your event from a new angle. We consider ourselves experts in this field and have acted as consultants for Public Sector bodies wanting to operate fast craft and UAV’s together.


Click to contact us through our sister company’s website – Panoptic Motion.

Alternatively call 03337 720726 or email


Click to see our portfolio through our sister company’s website – Panoptic Motion.

Alternatively call 03337 720726 or email


Click to find out more about us through our sister company’s website – Panoptic Motion.

Alternatively call 03337 720726 or email

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