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A deeper focus on efficiency and safety

Since 2015 the oil & gas industry has begun a shift away from a production-centered mindset to a deeper focus on efficiency and safety. In order to accomplish this, companies have begun investing heavily in new technologies. Specifically, the California Resources Corporation (“CRC”), the largest oil and natural gas producer in California, has taken significant strides to employ proven modern technologies – especially drones – as a way to enhance safety, promote communication, and improve production efficiency and reliability.

Improving Communication Across Teams

CRC was looking for a way to easily pull data from the field and upload it to a centralised place, a process that would allow the right people to have access to all aerial visuals while analysing remotely.

Using DroneDeploy, CRC could send out a team of pilots to fly several different areas of land and upload those captured images, videos, and panoramas to the cloud, enabling their analysts to work from accurate maps and models without the need for radios or similarly faulty communication techniques.

in realized savings over previous process
time reduction for all inspection workflows
of drone flights logged through DroneDeploy

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