Cullompton Land Survey /

Cullompton Land Survey

Surveying potential plots of land for the construction industry has never been easier, having the ability to observe, assess and plan through the use of a set of aerial images makes the planning so much easier for the client. The ease of having the drone fly to exactly where you need and take the certain images you need makes the process so much quicker.

Our drone operators can share the imaging with personnel on site, in headquarters and with sub-contractors. Planners can then assess the photos in full detail and furthermore direct the image and input CGI and cad imagery to create artist impression’s of the proposed plans.

These images were created for our client Greenslade Taylor Hunt and the land was based on the outskirts of Cullompton, Devon. They needed a set of images which showcase a piece of land which they are trying to sell, they wanted stunning images which shows off the beautiful surroundings and the potential the land has for a building developer.

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