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Project Management

When it comes to project management, drone technology and software enables office teams to collaborate effectively, and also sync up data and projects with each other. Not only does this increase efficiency, but also enables all areas of the workforce to be kept up to date and better informed on the details of projects.

Using aerial mapping can improve work flow and save both time and resources without compromising on data. An aerial mapping system can provide a wealth of in-depth data that traditional methods would struggle to offer, including an impressive turn around time for the data results, which can be half that of manual data extraction.

With all this in mind, aerial mapping can be an important innovative tool for your business.

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    Progress Monitoring

    Having a progress monitoring tool is extremely useful for sharing projects, updates and annotation notes. Another added benefit for this tool is its global capacity.
    No matter where your team members are in the world, they can be kept up to date the moment changes are made, either on site or notes as they are updated.

    Our drones not only have the capability to capture a large area of data in a short amount of time, but we are also able to unlimitedly replicate any flight paths exactly, allowing you to seamlessly track any changes throughout your project with impressive accuracy.

    Risk Management

    Health and safety is at the forefront of concern when it comes to construction, but now there is little need for it to be!

    Our drone technology and software offers an impressive improvement to the health and safety side of construction work. Drones are able to scan potentially harmful environments instead of needing site issues to be located by foot, which also includes cutting out the use of traditional systems such as scaffolding, ladders, and operators working at height when surveying a site. This drastically reduces health and safety issues.
    Using our 3D models, you are able to illustrate any health and saftey risks from your smart phone or tablet, which can be used to brief any members to a new site. This saves an impressive amount of time as the site doesn't need to be viewed on foot, and also removes danger from any known unstable areas or potential undiscovered issues while accumulating data.