3D Modeling /

3d Modeling with drones

Skylens can offer a range of tools to you for analysing 3d volumetric data capture from drones.

Generating point cloud data with a textured mesh laid on top to give an accurate, photorealistic appearance of the building, assets or stockpile. Our tools are a cost effective and timesaving for project managers, contractors & surveyors to quickly audit sites. Having the ability to replicate data sets over time we can create accurate comparison models throughout the construction phases easily.

Thousands of images are accurately stitched together to create the model, which then gives a ‘real time’ overview of a whole site.

Our drones can capture data from a large area in a short amount of time, flying above and out the way of hazards on the ground, eliminating the risk of ground based surveyors walking into danger.

An example of volumetric analysis on a computer screen

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    Cut and fill operations & Volumetric Analysis

    We can aid your teams in calculating cut and fill volumes over a large scale. Drone surveys can be used to create very high accuracy volumetric measurements of stockpiles. Use a selection of tools to annotate, measure or make volumetric calculations to quantify the materials on site.

    This will increase the accuracy of your muck shift costs and discrepancies between forecasted volumes and actual. This comes into its own especially when a contractor isn’t on an “all risks” contract and often leads to conflict and massive overspends.

    Viewing 3d site models through our software

    Our Equipment

    We have a range of high tech UAV and sensor equipment to get the job done. Our flagship UAV the DJI Matrice 300 RTK is unmatched in its safety features, technology and versatility being able to carry multiple sensors. The connection to an RTK Base station allows us to gather MM accurate results and helps the platform hold position even in the harshest of environments. This drone has as a minimum a double redundancy on all of its critical flight systems and can even maintain flight on 3 propellers. We are able to operate at night, heavy wind, rain and snow making it an ideal response tool in those emergency situations.

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    DJI H20T /

    Multi-sensor payload combining a wide camera, 200x zoom camera, Radiometric Thermal camera & Laser Range Finder. The most versatile UAV sensor to date for commercial inspections.

    DJI P1 /

    A 45 MP full frame photogrammetry sensor is a 3d modelling and inspection weapon. Boasting a new super fast global mechanical shutter it allows us to snap images every 0.7 seconds even on the move.

    Z15 Spotlight /

    A 10,200 lumen LED spotlight that matches the movement of the primary camera sensor allowing us to capture clear RGB inspection imagery at night and low light situations.

    DJI L1 /

    A Livox Lidar module, a high-accuracy IMU, and a RGB camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor. The L1 forms a complete lidar solution efficiently capturing complex structures and landscapes.